About Us

Discover the Art of Digital Nature

Studio Scotts is a landscape led digital creative studio crafting 3D imagery, animation and motion graphics; a specialist landscape architectural renderer that helps sell visions and inform decisions.

Living and breathing landscapes are hard to capture. Studio Scotts has the knowledge and imagination to bring static imagery to life and capture nature's ephemeral moments. In the realm of visualisation, landscape rendering stands as an emblem of people's connection to the natural world. It can be more than just a render; it can be a journey through a world where every element breathes life into the landscape, and every shadow thrown unveils a story.

How people engage with those environments is equally important, visual communication needs to be playful and engaging whilst being informative with clear purpose and identity. The work of landscape architects and clients should be showcased through considered visualisations and compelling motion sequences.

Because we understand Landscape, we can reveal your design in different seasons and conditions, and propose graphical techniques that best suit your project. The result is powerful storytelling from new perspectives, where seeing is experiencing the beauty of nature, the diversity of ecological systems, and the rich sensory experience within nature's colours and forms.

The studio was founded by Tamasine Scott, a landscape architect with over 20 years experience working across the international sector. With a passion for landscape and graphic dexterity, she set up Scotts to support the industry, inspire people to love landscape and bring the beauty of nature to the foreground.